Mick Connaire has been producing television graphics and animation for over twenty years, specialising in titles and long format content sequences for science and natural history .

As a senior designer at 422, he art-directed, managed, produced and composited a number of major series including The Ultimate Guide, Blue Planet, and three of David Attenborough’s ‘LIFE” series.

This relationship with Sir David continued when Mick Connaire Ltd was formed five years ago, resulting in a Bafta for best titles for ‘LIfe in the Undergrowth’, and an award for Best Use of Graphics at the Mssoula Wildlife Festival, for ‘Life in Cold Blood’. Mick has also won an Emmy for the Ultimate Guide, and has had two other Bafta nominations.

Mick’s first novel, ‘Fred’s Dad’s Dead Dad’s Shed’ is currently placed with a literary agent.